About The CCUS Hub

CCUS hubs aim to accelerate industrial decarbonization by creating infrastructure to transport and store multiple sources of CO2 at scale, and in a safe, permanent and environmentally responsible way.

This CCUS Hub platform is designed to support policy-makers, potential hub developers and emitters interested in setting up a CCUS hub by sharing learnings from the most advanced hubs and identifying new ones.

The CCUS Hub was created by OGCI and draws on the knowledge and support of many partners. We hope that it will become a place for everyone involved in setting up CCUS hubs to meet, learn and share knowledge.

The platform has three key parts:


CCUS Hub Search

The CCUS Hub Search is an interactive map tool, developed by BCG and OGCI. It identifies 279 potential CCUS hubs in 56 countries. It matches clusters of CO2  sources from a range of emitting industries with possible storage locations. It defines possible and optimal hub areas, based on estimates of cost per tonne. The tool is designed as a starting point for political decision-makers, industrial emitters and potential hub developers who want an overview of the potential viable CCUS hubs in their country, region or sector.



The Playbook content was researched and written by independent consultants, commissioned by OGCI, in 2022 and completely updated in March 2023. It is based on in-depth interviews with hub developers, transport and storage operators, regulators and emitters in the more advanced hubs supported by OGCI as part of its KickStarter initiative. A new section was started in November 2023 to help technical experts learn lessons from the early hubs.


Hubs In Action

Hubs in Action: profiles of CCUS hubs currently in development, with a description and key information on participants, storage capacity and type, as well as planned starting dates. OGCI member companies are now actively involved in almost 40 emerging hubs and there are twice as many in development. If there’s a hub you want to see profiled, let us know!

Advisory Board

The CCUS Hub’s activities will be shaped by an Advisory Board currently comprising: 

  • Jarad Daniels, Global CCS Institute 
  • Tim Dixon, IEAGHG
  • Juho Lipponen, Clean Energy Ministerial – CCUS
  • Julien Perez, OGCI
  • Bas Sudmeijer, BCG

The CCUS Hub Playbook

We’ve talked in-depth to the people on the frontline of developing CCUS hubs – the regulators, emitters and transport and storage providers – to draw lessons on how to get started and what to watch out for. Their collected wisdom forms the backbone of The CCUS Hub Platform and is collated in this downloadable playbook.   

Hubs in action

OGCI member companies are now actively involved in almost 40 emerging hubs and there are at least 80 hubs globally in planning or in the works. As these hubs come into reality they are evolving fast.

Industries from cement, steel, waste-to-energy, paper, power, chemicals and fertilisers are actively working to develop carbon capture facilities; several hubs include a specific focus on hydrogen as both an emitter and a supplier of decarbonized fuel to other industries in the hub; and several are also embracing carbon removals, through incorporating direct air capture facilities, alongside BECCS and energy-to-waste facilities.

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