Bayou Bend CCS

The Southeast Texas hub aims to become one of the largest carbon storage providers in the US.

The US Gulf Coast has a large concentration of industrial emissions, which is why several CCS hub projects have been announced in the region. These projects are starting to shift from concept to reality. Bayou Bend is positioned to become one of the largest with estimated gross potential storage resources of more than one billion metric tons.

The Bayou Bend joint venture was set up in 2021 when Talos Energy and Carbonvert were the winning bidders for the Jefferson County offshore carbon storage lease, acquiring approximately 40,000 acres in state waters offshore Beaumont and Port Arthur. Chevron joined the joint venture in 2022 . Since then, the storage footprint has been expanded through the acquisition of nearly 100,000 acres onshore in Chambers and Jefferson Counties, Texas. Chevron became operator in March 2023 and Equinor bought Carbonvert’s share in August 2023.

The hub is designed to provide transportation and storage solutions for industrial emitters in the Houston Ship Channel and Beaumont/Port Arthur region – two of the largest industrial corridors in the country, with industrial emissions of around 100 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

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