Technical experts

Building a CCUS hub is a highly technical operation. It requires a wide range of technical experts to select, develop and install capture and storage technologies and analyze, model, test and risk-manage the mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics of the geology planned for storing the carbon dioxide. 

This section is designed to help you access the technical work that has taken place in the pioneering hubs and use it to create new ones more quickly and cost-effectively. 

Technical lessons for scaling CCUS

Don’t reinvent the wheel – there is a lot of valuable technical work available in the public realm

As CCUS hubs evolve, experts are churning out dozens of valuable technical documents outlining the technical steps they are taking to prepare for capture, transport and storage at scale. Many of these documents are open for public use, but they are hard to find, hard to put in context and – for most readers, even technical ones – hard to understand. 

To accelerate learning and build on these early steps, the CCUS Hub has commissioned specialists to review these documents, determine what could be useful for others and explain as simply as possible what is in the document, why it is important and what other considerations a technical expert might want to consider.

We have started this work with material prepared for Net Zero Teesside/Northern Endurance Partnership (now part of the East Coast Cluster) in the UK and will be adding documents over time. 

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